Ambergris own disgust information probably will pass tonight Wang Yu Xie Bute made hyperdunks 2014, so the reputation of the king next to see their time must no longer wear fragrance hyperdunks 2015. The Xiaojing Rui and Yu Jin Yan Prince are certainly not people, then no one would tell the prince of this message Hyperdunk 2015 Low, but if he next saw his time also deliberately did not wear fragrance, then it KD 8 shows that the reputation of the palace also has a Prince of latent spy RESEARCH.

   And if the zoom run the one prince did not get the message, still wear the ambergris appear in front of their own, kobe 10 Shoes then the hyperdunks 2014 reputation of the king of the person's ability and wrist, should be worth re-evaluate Hyperdunk 2015 Low, to add a bit much for him a ......

   After finally quiet a lot, KD 8 we do not come to what kinds of visitors, so they quietly watched a few games a competition Hyperdunk 2015 Low, although not yet master appear Hyperdunk 2015, but not too boring.

   At noon there is an hour of suspended time to rest, the welcome shade shadow Fung House is still floating, still not see His Majesty the Emperor, estimated that he has just exposed a faceless, should not insist on for days and sat on it from the beginning to see to the end. Yan Yu-chun, zoom run the one do not know when people brought food and wine has arranged food containers, happily chatting morning thing, waiting for the afternoon start. Of all people,kobe 10 Shoes probably only he is really to concentrate on a test of the above.

   Before long afternoon,hyperdunks 2014  Xie Bute then had an excuse to disappear,zoom run the one see Xiaojing Rui Mei Su careless long lethargy tired look, it is recommended to go back to the government in advance, KD 8 Yu Jin repeated words could not stay Hyperdunk 2015, kobe 10 Shoes only stood alone shed door to send them away.